DYNAMICA ropes are made with Dyneema® fibers and are all 12 strand braided on Sate of The Art machinery. Below is listed the standard rope designs, manufactured by Dynamica Ropes:

: 12 strand braided ropes manufactured with the Dyneema® fibers SK78.

: 12 strand braided ropes manufactured with the Dyneema® fibers SK99.

: 12 strand braided ropes manufactured with the Dyneema® fibers DM20.

: 12 strand braided ropes manufactured with the Dyneema® fibers XBO.

: DYNAMICA SK78 with a polyester cover for the additional protection of the main rope.

: DYNAMICA SK78 with a cover made from Dyneema® fibers for the strongest protection of the main rope.

: DYNAMICA SK78 manufactured with a special soft coating.

: 12 strand braided rope (Dyneema® fiber) where each parallel strand is individually protected with a polyester or a Dyneema® cover.

Choosing the right rope is value for the money

Dynamica Ropes has several years of experience in manufacturing ropes made with Dyneema® fibers and many years of experience advising the customers how to choose the right rope for a specific task. The choice of fiber, the construction of the rope, the choice of cover and the coating of the rope are all parameters, which define the rope. You are always more than welcome to contact us for a professional advice if you are in doubt about which rope type and design are most beneficial to you and your project.

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What is Dyneema®?  

Many customers are asking the question “What is Dyneema®? Ropes made by Dynamica Ropes are manufactured with Dyneema® fibers, which a strongest man-made fiber in the world.

A common name for the Dyneema® fiber is Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene: UHMwPE.

DSM in Netherland is the provider of the world’s strongest fiber (DSM Dyneema®).

DSM Dyneema® fibers are used for various products besides ropes and slings. To give an example, personal armor made with Dyneema®, help commercial pilots, police officers and safeguard soldiers, since the strong Dyneema® fibers are used in the manufacturing of bulletproof vests.

Take a proper care of Dyneema®rope – it pays off

Ropes made with Dyneema® fibers have in general a long lifetime if you handle and store the synthetic ropes correctly. Dynamica Ropes has gathered some of the most important points in the PDF below:


DSM Dyneema


DOWNLOAD PDF: Worth Knowing about DYNAMICA ropes


It is worth to mention that Dyneema® ropes are losing strength when connected by a knot, when being bent over a small item or spliced. The strength of a Dyneema® rope spliced by authorized riggers from Dynamica Ropes, is reduced by app. 10%. In cases of ropes connected by a knot, the loss of strength is app. 60%

Dynamica Ropes have many years of experience with splicing of ropes made with Dyneema® in both very small and huge diameters and we are always ready to assist you with your splice tasks. If you wish to do the splicing yourselves, Dynamica Ropes is offering splice courses, which are adapted to your needs. Call us or write an e-mail if you want to arrange a splice course or read more about here: Dynamica Splice courses.


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