Dynamica Ropes is a Danish manufacturer of rope and fiber slings made with Dyneema® fiber. Safety is an important matter, which is why the goal of Dynamica Ropes is to make the world a safer place by replacing steel wire lifting equipment with lifting gear designed with Dyneema® (also called UHMWPE). Dyneema® is the strongest man-made fiber, which means that it has the same strength as steel, but weighs only 1/10 of steel at the same strength.

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Low weight heavy lifting equipment

In all lifting operations, the weight of the lifting gear used is a safety matter. When replacing steel wires with dyneema slings for heavy lift and light weight heavy lifting equipment such as DYNAMICA rope slings, it will prevent back pains and other serious injuries when handling the lifting equipment.


Sling lifting equipment with a high level of safety 

Another important safety matter is that Dyneema® fibers have a very low elongation (2-3 % at break). DYNAMICA (Dyneema®)ropes stores little energy and therefore has little backlash – even at hundreds of tonnes of load. Using lifting gear manufactured with Dyneema® fiber the amount of stored energy is much lower via á vis polyester or steel wire ropes.

Choose lifting slings made with Dyneeme® and save time and money

Lindø Industri Park has saved time and money changing from heavy polyester slings to light weight DYNAMICA SafeLift slings made with Dyneema®. A standard polyester sling has, in this case, a diameter of 101 mm with and weighs 186 kg. It was replaced with a DYNAMICA Safelift sling manufactured with Dyneema® fibers, which means a weight reduction of 140 kg.

Peter Blazejewicz, who is Transport Engineering Manager at Lindø Industrial Park, comments:

„The weight reduction means that we save at least 45 minutes on each lifting operation. Since each lift involves a 1,000 t portal crane, a 103 m truck-mounted lift and normally seven employees, the time savings are undoubtedly substantial.“

Read the whole case story here.

How to store and maintain heavy lifting equipment made with Dyneema® fiber?

DYNAMICA ropes and slings made with Dyneema® are more abrasion resistant than other synthetic fibers, but it is important to treat and handle the lifting slings correctly to sustain the strength.

One of the most important things is that DYNAMICA SafeLift slings should never pass over sharp edges and should only be used in connection with clean and non-rusty surfaces. Sharp edges can cut the slings with which can influence the performance of the rope. Rust and dirt can cause internal and external abrasion, which also has an influence on the performance of the sling. Depending on the size of the cut or damaged areas, the sling is retired.

We recommend checking your slings and ropes for cuts or damaged areas regularly to determine if the equipment is suitable for use. Dynamica Ropes offers a service agreement, which includes inspection of your DYNAMICA SafeLift slings, reparation of possible damages and recertification of the lifting gear.

You are welcome to download our “Sling inspection and retirement guideline” below, which will guide you through 14 different inspections point, where you should be aware.