DYNAMICA DSC Winch Lines for J-Tube cable pulling

Dynamica Ropes provided MacArtney with high-technology fiber ropes made with Dyneema® for 2 electrical winches, which are going to bring inter-array cables and export cables from the seabed onto the substation deck in Borkum Riffgrund 2 Offshore Windfarm.

The advanced & operation optimized winches are fitted with Dynamica’s Winch Lines called DYNAMICA SUPERIOR DSC.

These ropes were designed particularly to fit for the operation at 450 MW Borkum Riffgrund, which will consist 56 MHI Vestas 8 MW turbines. The 200 kN winch is stationary for pulling export cables; the 150 kN winch rotates 360 degrees which reduces the costs of reversible units & sheave blocks and enables a straight pull into all J-tubes.

DYNAMICA SUPERIOR DSC is provided with a tailor-made heavy-duty jacket, which ensures extremely high abrasion resistance and protects the Winch Line when handling deep-water operations. The hard multilayer fiber core ensures compact and dimensionally stable Winch Lines, which easily are applied and handled on the electrical cable pulling winches.

Dynamica Ropes has developed a DSC coating system, which prevents mud and dirt to penetrate the rope during installation. The treatment is closing the fibers and the heat set process assures the impregnation to penetrate the rope.

DYNAMICA DSC Winch Lines are the ultimate synthetic replacement of the heavy, oily and dangerous steel wires.

The project is expected to be fully commissioned in 2019.




The synthetic replacement of steel wires

Dynamica DSC Winch Line is the ultimate synthetic replacement of heavy and dangerous steel wires. Dynamica DSC Winch Line is designed with a core, which makes the rope compact and dimensionally stable. The highly abrasion resistant polyester or Dyneema® jacket ensures effective protection against abrasion.

DSC Coating

Winch Lines in operation are subject to tension and in some cases dirt, mud and rust can penetrate the rope. In order to avoid that, Dynamica Ropes developed a DSC coating system, in which the entire rope is undergoing a heat setting process in several steps.

Custom made Winch Lines with Dyneema®

Dynamica DSC Winch Lines are custom made and can be manufactured in diameters from 2 mm up to 48 mm in continuous endless lengths.
Dynamica Ropes delivers Winch Lines for all kinds of lifting and pulling operations both Offshore and Onshore:

  • Deep Sea Operations
  • Deep Sea Lifting
  • Offshore Oil & Gas operations
  • Seismic
  • Trawl Warps Winches, Gilson Lines
  • Traction Winches
  • 4×4 WD winches
  • Armoured Vehicles Winches
  • ROV Winch Lines
  • Marine Winch Lines: Mooring Lines and Towing Lines
  • Winch Lines for Offshore & Onshore Wind Turbines
  • Winch Lines for Gliders and Paragliders