DYNAMICA DM20 is a 12 braided rope produced with DM20 Dyneema® fiber. DYNAMICA DM20 is developed and produced with minimum lasting elongation as a key characteristic. This is especially important in applications where the rope or sling is under constant load over a longer period of time and where creep and adjustments hereof is unwanted.

This characteristic is possible to achieve because DYNAMICA DM20 is produced with excellent creep properties. The rope is slightly weaker (no more than 10 %) than our standard rope DYNAMICA SK78. However, DM20 is still much lighter (6-8) than steel wire with the same strength, depending on the steel wire rope construction.

DYNAMICA DM20 is primarily used for permanent mooring offshore in relation to subsea installations. The DM20 ropes are used offshore as HD Tethers for oil and gas risers, mooring ropes for offshore installation , backup rope systems mooring of floating objects that do not allow regular adjustments. Moreover, the DYNAMICA DM20 ropes are used onshore for installations of masts and anti-storm rigging of steels structures.

DYNAMICA DM20 ropes keep their strength and stiffness over time and are, therefore, the right rope solution in applications where high strength, low weight and next to no creep are important, especially in systems where there is a limited access to the rope.

Due to the construction of the DYNAMICA DM20, the rope does not twist and does not rust which is a common problem with steel wire ropes.


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