DYNAMICA DM20 is a 12 strand braided rope made with Dyneema® fiber, designed specifically for mooring production facilities in deep water.

Even under long-term high tensions DYNAMICA DM20 show excellent performance concerning critical behavioral qualities, such as high static strength and stiffness, exceptional abrasion, fatigue and creep resistance.

This enables engineers to design the moorings using a smaller, lighter rope and still deliver improved performance and operational benefits.

DYNAMICA DM20 is approx. 8 times stronger than steel wire pr. unit of weight. Because of this property, DYNAMICA DM20 lasts a long time and has a high and safe working load.

Safety is also a fact when it comes to elongation. DYNAMICA DM20 has no elongation and therefore has little backlash – even at hundreds of tonnes of load.

DM 20 Dyneema® Max Technology outperforms every other mooring rope on the market, surpassing industry standards for deepwater permanent moorings.

With DYNAMICA DM20 you get a torque-neutral construction and avoid problems with bird caging and kinking, which is a common problem with steel wire ropes. Furthermore, DYNAMICA DM20 does not require lubricating. Because of these product properties, DYNAMICA DM20 is used in a wide range of segments within the offshore industry.