Dynamica Ropes is attending WindEnergy Hamburg 2018, which is running from the 25. to the 28 of September. We are looking forward to a good exhibition, and we are excited to show our newest product development – The DYNAMICA SecureLift fiber roundsling. If you have any interest in lifting equipment or rope solutions made with Dyneema® you are welcome to book a meeting with either Jørgen Sørensen, CEO, or Kate Christensen, Sales Manager, who both are attending WindEnergy Hamburg 2018. Fill out the contact form on this page and book a meeting in advance.

Find us at the Pavilion of Denmark at stand no. B1.EG.219

Jørgen Sørensen is CEO and also founder of Dynamica Ropes. Kate Christensen is Sales Manager and has been along since the beginning, so both participants have a huge knowledge of the manufacturing of rope and sling solutions made with Dyneema®. Do not hesitate to book a meeting or contact us if you have questions or need information about ROPE slings, FIBER slings or other rope solutions made with Dyneema®.

Product launch – DYNAMICA StrongLift fiber roundsling

DYNAMICA SecureLift fiber slings are manufactured with a load-bearing core and a heavy-duty protection sleeve.
Both the core and the protection sleeve are manufactured with high-performance Dyneema® fibers, which are known as the strongest man-made fibers. The strong material is extremely abrasion resistant, and it has a very low weight.
In order to protect the potential chafe areas against abrasion, specific covers can be applied on both of the bearing points. The covers also protect the entire sling itself. We carefully select the optimal protection products, which can be Dyneema®, HMPE, Kevlar or Heavy Duty Polyester.
Traditional lifting slings used in many industries are for sure strong, but they are also very heavy, difficult to handle and there is always a risk of uneven EWL’s after they have been under tension.
By using SecureLift slings, you will obtain cost reductions due to fewer hours spent on rigging, less lifting equipment needed for handling of the slings during the rigging process, and less back and hand injuries.

You are more than welcome to book a meeting at WindEnergy Hamburg with either Jørgen Sørensen (CEO) or Kate Christensen (Sales Manager) if you are interested in our DYNAMICA SecureLift slings or lifting equipment in general. All you have to do is to fill out the contact form.

Find more information about DYNAMICA SecureLift fiber sling. You are always welcome to contact us by mail: [email protected] or by phone: +45 76225015

DYNAMICA SafeLift slings – Heavy lifting slings made with Dyneema®

DYNAMICA SafeLift slings are rope slings manufactured with our standard 12-strand braided ropes made with Dyneema®. SafeLift slings are both easy to handle and safer to use compared with steel wire.

All DYNAMICA SafeLift slings are manufactured according to DIN EN 1492-4. Every sling is custom-made with quality and safety in focus. The rope slings are constructed as a single, double or triple sling with a variety of options when it comes to covers and extra protection against abrasion.

Read much more about DYNAMICA SafeLift slings and download our PDF datasheet if you need more information. If you need more specific information regarding a certain lifting operation please write us an e-mail: [email protected] or call us on +4576225015.