Dynamica Ropes is manufacturing both rope slings and pennants. DYNAMICA rope slings (SafeLift slings) are manufactured in accordance to DIN EN 1492-4 and are CE-marked. The slings can be manufactured single, double or triple, depending on the lifting operation and costumers demands. DYNAMICA SafeLift slings are braided with Dyneema® fiber and max elongation at WLL load is 1,5 %. Just like other DYNAMICA ropes, the SafeLift slings are very light and easy to handle compared with steel wire ropes. Furthermore, the Dynamica SafeLift slings are safe to use, since there is only very little backlash.


Your Safety Is Our Drive

Watch the instruction video regarding safe use of slings made with Dyneema®


DSM Dyneema


DYNAMICA SafeLift sling PDF



DYNAMICA SafeLift slings are ideal for heavy lifting projects/applications within, for example, the offshore, wind or maritime industry. To give an offshore/wind example; DYNAMICA SafeLift slings are used to lift different machine parts to the turbines of windmills. A rather different example is that the SafeLift slings are also used to lift de-trailed trains into position.

For projects that require extra protection of the slings, it is an option to manufacture SafeLift slings with a protective jacket braided with Dyneema® or a PROTECTA eye sleeve in order to increase the abrasion resistance.


TypeSingle or doublerope ØWLL 7:1Break Load
Dynamica SAFELIFT sling
SAFELIFT 10 tsingle22 mm10 t70 t
SAFELIFT 15 tsingle26 mm15 t105 t
SAFELIFT 30 tdouble26 mm30 t210 t
SAFELIFT 30 tsingle38 mm30 t210 t
SAFELIFT 50 tdouble36 mm50 t350 t
SAFELIFT 50 tsingle52 mm50 t350 t
SAFELIFT 70 tdouble42 mm70 t490 t
SAFELIFT 90 tdouble44 mm90 t630 t
SAFELIFT 100 tdouble52 mm100 t700 t
SAFELIFT 125 tdouble56 mm125 t875 t
SAFELIFT 150 tdouble64 mm150 t1100 t
SAFELIFT 175 tdouble68 mm175 t1225 t
SAFELIFT 200 tdouble72 mm200 t1400 t
SAFELIFT 225 tdouble80 mm225 t1575 t
SAFELIFT 250 tdouble64 mm250 t1750 t
SAFELIFT 300 ttriple72 mm300 t2100 t
SAFELIFT 325 ttriple76 mm325 t2275 t
SAFELIFT 350 ttriple80 mm350 t2450 t
SAFELIFT 400 ttriple88 mm400 t2800 t


DYNAMICA pennant

DYNAMICA pennant is a rope with an eye in both ends. Just like a sling, it is an option to add a cover to the pennant to protect the eyes or the entire rope against abrasion. Dynamica Ropes offers different covers: Polyester cover, Dyneema cover, VELCRO cover, or fire hose. You are always welcome to give us a call if you have questions or specific wishes.